Homemade Pizza by the boyfriend

For Ms. Nancy as she was looking for this over the weekend and my lazy butt hadn’t blogged yet. DOH!

So it has become a tradition between my boyfriend and I that we make homemade pizza together. I think it’s pretty awesome because while I love to cook it’s nice to have a break every now and then.

First…the ingredients. I personally get most of my pizza ingredients at Trader Joe’s. If you have one in your area you know why I love it. And if you don’t…I’m sorry because it rocks.

What you’ll need:

  • Pre-made raw pizza dough. Most stores have it now in the deli section and most have both whole wheat and regular dough. We vote for whole wheat.
  • Sauce. Sure there is pizza sauce out there and sometimes it’s a bit thicker than marinara sauce but really any tomato sauce will do.
  • Cheese. I like the part-skim mozarella cheese myself.
  • Toppings. Most stores sell pepperoni. This week we tried pancetta but we’ve also thrown some sausage on there too. Whatever you like…veggies, meat, whatever.
  • Cornmeal. Use the cornmeal to make the surface you roll your dough out on less sticky. Also throw some on your pizza stone.

Speaking of pizza stones…go get one. Mine is from Williams Sonoma but most stores like Target and Walmart have them. Heat your oven to 500 for about 20 minutes to get it good and hot. Then turn it down to 475. Cook your pizza for about 10 minutes.

Also, get a pizza peel aka giant pizza spatula. Gotta have one to get your pizza on and off that hot stone.

We make our pizza right on the pizza peel. Here’s a shot of the rolling out of the dough…


next add your sauce…


then your toppings…


earlier this year we had a run of Republican front runner pizzas. that was fun, especially because we are Democrats!

put it on your pizza stone…


after about 10 minutes…PIZZA TIME!


oh and while you are buying stuff…go ahead and get a pizza cutter too!



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I love food. I love to try new recipes. I love to adapt old ones. I love trying new restaurants. I love watching cooking shows. I love meeting chefs I admire. I started this blog to share that love and knowledge! I hope that you enjoy!

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